The most successful relationships are built in two-way communication, on give-and-take efforts of both parties, and on win-win resolution.  Most performance problems can be resolved through effective communication and open dialogue between the administrator and subordinates.  It is important for subordinates and superior to develop a good working relationship in order to maximize each other’s strengths and potentials.  An open communication is an opportunity to openly discuss and clarify expectations and performance problems, with the goal of strengthening harmonious rapport and reducing employee grievance.

Here are some ways to reduce employee grievance.

1. Successful implementation of policies, procedures and rules of an organization should be clearly communicated to your subordinates on a regular as needed basis.

2. On a regular basis, implement scheduled staff and/or individual performance feedback, evaluation and dialogue.

3. Misunderstanding and communication should be addressed in a timely manner, so that problems do not escalate, and immediate solutions can be implemented.

4. Administer conflict resolution discussions to avoid having the issue spiral out of control or turning to unavoidable grievance.

5. Promote equality and diversity in your workplace, where every employee can participate and has the opportunity to fulfill his/her potential.

6. Appreciate your subordinates for a job well done; ensure that their salaries are commensurate to the skills, knowledge and value that your staff brings to the organization.

7. Closer supervision, counseling, mentoring, coaching and frequent feedback can facilitate communication, misunderstanding and conflict.

8. People work better when the environment, working process, equipment and instructional tools have been designed well and help make the working conditions comfortable and second-to-home.

9. Proactively find out what is valuable to your employees, and provide training and educational opportunities for them.

10. Foster the sense of having an organization that appreciates, recognizes and rewards exemplary performance by giving awards, recognition, certificates or plaques of appreciation.

By: Mrs. Maruja D. Trine | Principal II Samal National High School | Samal, Bataan

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