When your children  use fighting or other negative physical behavior as their main coping skills, you will find out  that it is usually doesn’t stop  at home they will use it at school. When your children is disciplined at school for getting into a fight, the best thing to do is to find out from the school  exactly what happened.

Here are the ways to handle news about fighting at school:

1. Give your child time to transition. When your child gets home, try  him to relax for a minute. Don’t nag him, don’t talk immediately. Try him to calm down.

2. Be direct and don’t trap him. When  deal with him , try to avoid blaming him. Be direct and straightforward.

3. Listen to what he has to say- even if he is wrong. Let the child tell the whole story, don’t interrupt him. And the bottom line is that if you hear the whole story, at least the what next step will  you impose.

4. Use active listening methods When you are talking with your child , if he gets struck for a minute, repeat back what you heard him saying in this manner.

5. Avoid  using the word, but-The important rule of thumb   is when disagreeing with your child or wanting to point out something to him, avoid using the word “ but “ use a word like “ and” instead.

By: MS. SHIRLEY M. CUEVAS | Master Teacher I- Luz Elem. School

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