Imagining our lives without computers is next to impossible. Ubiquity of these machines goes to show our incorrigible dependence on them. Computers were initially used only in workplaces. However, they soon became a household name, which revolutionized everything from school homework to grocery shopping. When computers were supplemented by Internet, it caused a great shift in the way we functioned. It ironed out several creases in long distance communication. This gave an impetus to globalization, bringing the world closer and opening new avenues to explore the human reach. Over a period of time, computers enabled working from home, which created a new type of employment for many. This gave usage of computers, within the confines of homes a new dimension. As technology progressed, simple things such as shopping, booking tickets, buying a new house, searching for schools and colleges, applying to the same, researching for projects and medical information became a lot easier with entry of computers in every households. Thus, computers affected our lives in ways that remained blinded to the naked eye.

By: Mr. Ronnie D. Dela Cruz Administrative Aide III B. Camacho National High School

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