Every parents play an important role in the growth and development of their children. In learning – process, parents is one factor that may help the school to make learning possible to their child. They should encourage the child to study, to do his /her homeworks, and find time and ways to monitor his/her learning achievements in school. It is also their responsibility to to provide a conducive and well- atmosphere at home and other materials needed by their child. They must be given enough time for their children to study. Parents should not give their child too much household chores and excessive playtime , instead a longer time for study hours. Parents must put in their mind that the use of high technology materials like computers, video games, etc. are harmful to the acquisition of proper study habits. They must remember that a good study habit will be effective only if there is a freedom from distractions from the surroundings where there child is studying. It is very difficult to study and learn lessons if the surrounding is very noise. Health, of their CHILD is also needed. No knowledge will enter in child’s mind if he/she is hungry. Enough sleeps, rests and nutrition should be given to the child.

 Parents should guide and help their child in studying their lessons especially in difficult lessons. Approval on the effort of their child in studying will help in acquiring a regular study habits to achieved learning.. It is not only the school that contributes learning to the child but also the parents. Having a good study habit of their child is really important to achieve learning.

 All parents, must be the partner of the school in educational achievement of their child. Promoting a good study habit of their child is really important to achieve learning.

By: MARY GRACE B. NOTO | Carbon Elementary School

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