Everyone has the potential to be a leader because leaders are made, they are not necessarily born.

The people who are just happy to go where they are led by others sometimes complain, but since they cannot do anything or they do not have a choice they just let nature takes its own course rather than take control of things. Fortunately, there is a choice. If you are not satisfied with the leader, then you have the choice of finding the leader within you.

It is not always an easy task, becoming a leaders will make you an easy target for criticism, so if you plan to be a leader you have to be prepared for that. You can never please everyone. In fact, you are not supposed to please everyone as your purpose is simply to lead others and follow your example, and not to entertain.

To find the leader within you, join volunteer organizations. At first you may feel awkward, like you are in the wrong place. So make sure you choose an organization you really believe in. In the beginning, you will most likely simply follow orders, and do things that others tell you. But eventually, you will realize that you are called to lead.

Volunteer organizations are great places to find and hone your leadership skills because nobody is obliged to do things. It is purely initiative. And that is one good quality of a leader. Followers simply wait to be told what to do next, and because of that, they rarely succeed.

By joining these organizations, you will also enhance your problem solving skills. These kinds of organizations usually do not have a steady supply of budget for their activities, and they have to rely on outside sources, and often, they need to take from their own pocket.

To resolve this problem, many develop plans to raise budget for the activities. Such brainstorming activities can stimulate your problem solving skills. You do not get anything monetary, but you improve yourself, which can give you greater returns in the future.

Furthermore, you can also improve your ability to communicate to others. To be a volunteer in an organization, you will need to work with people. It is very difficult to work alone.

A loner will not last long in an organization, because each and everyone are required to work together to reach a higher goal. And a good communication skill is also a requirement for a great leader. It does not mean that you go up front and talk to a crowd. It only means you can deliver your message to others, and they will understand what you mean.

You now have one great way to finding a leader within you, and from there you can learn and improve a lot. Never forget that a leader is someone who understands the dynamics of a group. He does not tackle the problem alone, but instead shares the burden and the prize with others. It is a very rewarding position to be in, although not always financially. You get richer rewards, and a sense of purpose.

By: Ms. Leonora Julio Reyes I Teacher III (Grade IV) I Tapulao Elementary School

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