The partnership of ICT and education is one of the DepEd programs to promote quality education. The Pilot Programs includes the donation of computers, teacher training and website-content modules of learning.

 According to secretary Bro. Armin Luistro, “The world has become a global community wherein information and technology plays a vital role. If we are to produce globally competitive graduates who will be the frontrunners in the country’s economic development, we will need to train them in the same playing field as the rest of their counterparts.

 This project can be a great help not only for our students but also to the teachers. Considering the fact that we are now in internet age and there’s a great necessity for ICT education in order to cope with the fast changing world. Student can access to the internet and at the tip of their finger, they conquer all the source of information in the whole world using internet. We all know that computers with internet connection can access us the world library. But sometimes, the effect may not always be good. Using the internet may have advantages and disadvantages. Since we can’t control the information, we should monitor our children in using it because it may be abused. In totality, the effect of this project will give and equipped our students and teachers as well the knowledge and skills to be used as we faced the globalization and to complete globally.


By: MR. OMAR M. GALLEGO | Teacher I | Pilar Elementary School, Pilar, Bataan

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