It’s a fact that the only thing in this world that we can’t change in the word “change” is the word itself. In these modern days, if we are not updated with the fast changing technology, we’ll be left behind. The same is true with education, Information Communication Technology in education that is geared towards promoting better access to quality education. It brings creative approaches towards a wide range of areas involving education, from school administration to teaching in the classroom.

ICT provides key teaching and learning strategies that serve to enhance the educational experience of pupils. Incorporating ICT in the classroom allows pupils to learn in new and more profound ways. In the area of school administration, the use of computers and information systems has contributed to a more effective management of the school. There is also the added benefit of having students become more knowledgeable with the use of technology.

While ICT provides decidedly significant benefits, ICT in itself cannot be expected to provide the answers to the woes of our educational system. It is important to note, that for all the promise ICT in education brings, it is not a magic card or a magic wand that can be waved to solve the country’s educational problems.

By: Ms. Mary Grace A. De Luna | TI-Pablo Roman National High School | Pilar, Bataan

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