We all learn more effectively when we are enjoying the process. Humor sets a social context within which most students feel comfortable and appreciate learning. Teachers should follow humorous techniques to improve memory, enliven debates, and promote cooperation.  These should demonstrate how to use humor in discipline and ease tension with before and laughter scenarios.
Effective Teachers should offer many ideas for bringing humor and play to all aspects and levels of teaching. Their techniques should be divided into Warm-ups, Laughing Lessons and Play Breaks that is well laid-out and simple enough to be used immediately. Teachers should use methods for effective discipline, reframing negatives into positive, before and laughter scenarios, and more.
If students could choose their teachers the way the rest of us choose seminar workshop leaders, just imagine how different education would be. The classes, seminars and lectures that I’ve enjoyed and learned the most from were given by teachers or speakers who were personable, fun to listen to and included some activities or audience participation. On the other hand, I remember school teachers who were so boring or intimidating that I couldn’t wait to be finished with their classes. If I learned anything from them it was only out of fear or necessity, and the information was forgotten as soon as the exams ended.
Teachers should add humors in their lessons. Crack some jokes may motivate your students to listen, and from there they will learn a lot.

By: Salvacion F. Dagdag | Teacher III | Mariveles National High School | Mariveles, Bataan

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