Christian teaching is the heart of all teachings in education.   From a special creatures of God, to a very dignified person as a Son of God. Realized in the history of salvation, Jesus Christ as our first teacher became the center and the source of all our teachings. His teachings served as the moral bases of all our judgments, especially in situations that we are in dilemma. Manifested in our daily life, starting at home as the best foundation of our young ones. Parents have a vital role to fulfill forthe strong formation of our children– socially, politically, economically, culturally and spiritually in order to develop them as a total person. Good education should be given to them at the verystart of their life.That’s why parents should also be equipped with good education, morally and spiritually in order to become an effective instrument in forming good values and academic well-being of their children. But all these teachings will be useless without the teachings of Christ as the centerof our life. For without Christ, our life will be in chaos.Just like what St. Anthony and St. Thomas of Aquinas did in searching for the truth. Their self-conversion lead them to become the follower of Christ and served as Christ’s living witness for community salvation.

 Now a days, we are looking forward to the effects of modern education to the lives of the people especially the youth. Scientific and technological improvements are almost captivating the interest and minds of the people. Everything now is almost push buttons. This is onlya picture of a rapid impact of man’s continuous education . The emergence of modern technology made so many changes to the lifestyle and cultural values of the people especially the young ones. Positively, this is the greatness of God’s wonderful creations! As long as we are thankful and grateful to the original source of life—we are lucky to say that God really works on us! The greatness of our wonderful deeds are only implications of what God plan to us, to be the stewardship of his goodness and wonderful creations. Lastly, to make Christian teaching effective, let us serve as role model to our community starting at home and in school. Let us serve as a good example to our students and live with a simple life. Uplift our lives with moral virtues and maintain moral ascendancy in our work so as to be an efficient and effective leader of our times.

By: Ms. Loreta B. Andaya | Master Teacher -1 | Lamao National High School

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