The use of the computer is now very common in the different areas and levels of education, from its initial entry as super calculator in teaching computer programming as direct aids to the teaching/ learning process and in administrative or managerial role.

It is use as means for the achievement of educational goals continuing or increasing. Being computer literate enable us to adapt to the standard of living now a day and be able to compete globally and be prepared for more advancement of technologies in the future generations. 

The importance of computer especially in the office works is undeniable in teaching learning process, it contribute greatly to the achievement of its goals.

But compares to other countries, its introduction in public schools, especially in the elementary level is rather late. Maybe because the government is not sincere in the implementation for the computerization program or for sure, no fund is available

By: MS. SHIRLEY M. CUEVAS | Master Teacher I- Luz Elem. School

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