In-service education of teachers should focus directly on the improvement of the pupil-learning experiences. Time is often wasted by centering the effort and attention of in-service education programs on some aspects of a teaching without any assurance of favorable influence on the learning of the pupils. It is important that teachers have purpose which they wish to accomplish. Improvement will then come from getting a better conception of the kind of pupil-learning experiences needed.

In-service education of teacher’s personality. If personality is to be cultivation. Activate recognition should be given to their problem by providing social activities for teacher and encouraging friendly relationship among them.

In- service education has come to be recognized in our school system by the modern administrator and supervisor as integral part of educational planning. There can be no hope the effectiveness of program in any plan that is based upon creating better learning situations for teachers’ and pupils, for good instructions is the most important value in any organizational plan.

An in service educational program must be centered around recognize needs of the teaching staff and pupils. To be effective and to assure fundamental progress in educational improvement in classroom, a democratically planned administered in-service program must be part of the overall democratically functioning school system.

The purposes of in-service education are the ff.

  1. To promote the continuous improvement of the total professional staff of the school system.

To give the much needed help to the teachers who are entering a responsibility or a new field of work especially the new teachers.

  1. Continuous in-service education is needed to keep professional abreast of new knowledge and to release creative activities.

 In-services is needed to eliminate deficiencies in the back ground preparation of teachers and other professional workers in education.

By: Ms. Nancy R. Yarra | Teacher I | Sabatan Elementary School

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