The seminar –workshop aims to experience the effectiveness of using practical work suited to the children’s  level of thinking . The thrust of education is to improve the quality of learning especially in different learning areas such as English, Mathematics, Science and EPP.

But other teacher shy away and feel difficult for them from teaching Science and Mathematics  and the pupils find it difficult because before, pupils were just made to memorize facts and understand concept thought examples that were mot very clear to them.

Insights  from different seminar work-shop, teachers will impart  to their pupils on the use of practical work which is activity centered, pupils manipulate materials and have the freedom to discover by themselves the concept as being guided by the teacher. With this technique it is not only the cognitive domain of the learners which is being developed but also  their psychomotor and effective domain. Pupils  learn the value of cooperative learning and sharing while doing the activity.

Varied seminar- workshop are significant in the teaching- learning process and the success of it depends on the creativity and resourcefulness of the teacher. So continuous training and workshops are highly recommended.,

By: MS. SHIRLEY M. CUEVAS | Master Teacher I- Luz Elem. School

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