Every learner has the right to learn and participate inside a regular classroom. But how about those learners in the special classes? Do they have an equal and fair treatment? As educators, we should respond to our department’s battle cry which is “Education for All”. Wherein we should cater our learners regardless of their abilities and capabilities. Amidst all these barriers, Inclusive Education prevail the opportunity to all children with special needs to be catered in a regular class. Accept, give fair treatment, opportunity and establish wholesome relationship is some of the pointers to be considered by a regular teacher for inclusive education.Then our learners will be educated and trained in a regular classroom set up. In this process, they will be able to show their abilities and skills. Through various trainings and learning CWNS will be equipped for a better future. They can cope with life’s own ups and downs.

By: Diana B. Caberto | Teacher III | Limay Elementary School Limay,Bataan

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