Teaching is more of a calling than a job, needing as much patience, talents & skills as any art. Don’t feel so tired & exhausted for our children. Here are some usable tips for your that will surely add glory to your teaching & children’s learning, adapted from the booklet Teacher Theraphy by Karen Katafiasz.

1.    To spend your life doing what matters is the greatest of all achievements. Teaching matters.

2.    Remember those teachers who influenced your life for the good. What did they do? How did they give you what you needed? Follow their examples.

3.    Be aware that you teach so much more than a subject. You are opening minds & hearts; you are shaping lives.

4.    Radiate enthusiasm for your students, for learning, for life – and for engaging students in learning & in life your students  & you will be so much richer.

5.    Be passionate about the subject matter that you teach. Excitement is contagious.

6.    Listen to & respect your students’ dreams. Then challenge them to reach even higher.

7.    Children need healthy structure & guidelines to learn & to grow well. Give your students rules that re firm, fair & consistent.

8.    Act with honesty, justice & integrity. By doing so, you teach these values without effort.

9.    Use good organization to increase your effectiveness and give your day structure. If you take work home, make a conscious decision to do so. You need time off to stay fresh & avoid burnt out.

10.    When you ask your students to be responsible, you must be responsible to them. Honor your commitment; keep your promises.

With these inspiring tips, many teachers will renew their enthusiasm that stirred in their hearts when they first knew that they were meant to be a teacher.

By: Ms. Victoria H. Laqui T-III | DEPED Samal Bataan

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