Teaching science is a complex task. Teachers must be equipped with enough knowledge and skills to teach science effectively. Learning the integrated processes in teaching science would help teachers deliver and teach science with ease and enjoyment.
Here are some processes that are useful in teaching science:
•    Classifying ˍ a systematic procedures used to impose order in collecting objects or events.
•    Communicating – a procedure of transmitting information.
•    Observing and describing
•    Measuring – obtaining a quantitative value associated with some characteristics of an object or an event.
•    Hypothesizing – giving a tentative generalization
•    Inferring – explaining an observation in terms of previous experience.
•    Predicting- involves determining future outcomes on the basis of previous information.
•    Controlling variables-
•    Formulating models- used to represent an object, event or process.
•    Interpreting data- based on finding a pattern in a collection of data.
•    Problem solving- employs quantitative methods.
•    Analyzing – examining scientific ideas and concept to determine their essence or meaning.
•    Using time-space relationships- these are the two criteria used to describe the location of things or event
•    Consensus making- arriving at an agreement when diversity of opinion exists.

The abovementioned processes are taken into considerations when teaching science which must be experienced and mastered by the learners.

By: PINKY C. SAPNO – Puting Buhangin Elementary School

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