It is so much a part of the real world that it offers the learner experiences on how it is to compete and survive in the real world, according to Tileston. Thus in this modern world we cannot help ourselves but to accept reality , whether we like it or not we have to adjust ourselves and keep abreast of the trend . The use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in our classroom teaching offers varied information techniques that could offer convenient flow of understanding among teachers and students.ICT for teaching and learning is not limited by classroom walls. It does know or care what the learner’s socioeconomic status .It can provide equal opportunity for everyone to learn is more in tune with the way the students learn today.

Computers in education can be used as storage and data base. It can calculate complex and repetitive operations, stimulates the model program, provide information and can create graphic and enhances images.

The IRA on technology integration believes that children have the right to teachers who are skilled in the effective use of ICT for instruction. A literacy curriculum that integrates literacy one of ICT into instructional programs. Instruction that develops the critical literacy’s essential to effective information use and practices in literacy that includes reading and writing with technology tools it can also give opportunity for students to learn safe and responsible use of ICT and access to information source –online references and database directories, content and graphics  images and multimedia the E-learning tools which involve games, web quests, online and distance  learning .Communication tools can create content and WWW email technology, e-groups, forms, blogs, teacher-students made websites. Hence, teachers  apply  technology to facilitate a variety of effective assessment and evaluation strategies. It can also enhance teacher productivity and professional practices and above all strengthen teachers understanding of the social and ethical legal issues regarding the use of technology and apply those principles in practice.

By: Ms. Zenaida dela Cruz MT-I, | Tomas Pinpin Memorial Elementary School

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