Image    Every year, pupils in the elementary level are given diagnostic and assessment and achievement test sin English, Filipino, Math, Science and MAKABAYAN subjects.
    The results of 2008 National Achievement Test (NAT) in Grade III shows discouraging results in the performance level of the children.
    From the findings, reading greatly affects the performance of the pupils. Every learner should read functionally. How to attain this goal is the shared responsibility of the learners, teachers, parents and the school heads. Their collaborative effort will engage the reader in the active comprehension imaginative recreation of meaning from different authentic materials, setting and varieties of purpose.

    Since reading skills and strategies serve as the infrastructure of the holistic process of reading and writing skills development is still very much a part of the reading program on certain occasion, the explicit teaching of specific reading skills and strategies maybe called for. However, pupils strategies in an integrated way not through worksheets and other activities that “drink and kill” but through intervention of varied activities and meaningful experiences of the learner in the school, at home and in the community.
    A daily remedial program for thirty minutes in the school and reading with parents at bed time may improve the reading skills of the pupils and eventually complement other subjects.

By: Dr. Rodger R. de Padua, Principal II Orion Elementary School

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