The Basic Literacy Program (BLP is one of the programs of the Alternative Learning System (ALS). This program caters the following persons: first, non-literate or  pre-literate, zero knowledge and can’t able to read and write, ; second, semi-literate, the learner is able to read, comprehend basic Filipino words, write slowly, can do simple additions and subtractions of numbers with not more than two digits and can only multiply and divide numbers with only one digit, the last one is the literate, the learner is able to read and write, comprehend questions on simple passages in Filipino and can solve Mathematical Problems in  four fundamental operations.

    In order to ensure the success of the Program the ALS Facilitator must know the three interventions: 


    1.  Know the Learners’ needs-  the needs of the learners were translated into five Learning Strands:  (1) Communication Skills (CS);  (2)  Problem Solving and Critical Thinking (PSCT) ; (3) Sustainable Use of Resources and Productivity (SURP) (4)  Development of Self and a Sense of Community (DSSC) ; (5) Expanding One’s World Vision (EOW)


       2.  Availability of Resources – It includes the following:


    a.  Human Resources – these are the clients or the learners; the ALS Facilitator, Mobile Teacher, Indigenous People Teacher ( IP ) ; the advisers,


consultants, and experts.


  b. Physical Resources- it refers to classrooms and equipments necessary in the teaching – learning process.


    c. Material Resources – pertains to visual aids, handouts, books, manuals and reading materials


    d. Fiscal Resources – pertains to funds needed to run the program




    3.  Customizing the Basic Level Curriculum


    It is a process of altering, modifying or fitting in the nature, the scope and the sequence of the selection and combination of basic skills. And to do this, it requires to answer the 7 Basic Questions:


            1.  What is customizing the ALS Basic Level Curriculum?


             2.  What requisite information need to be understood?


             3.  Why is there a need to customize the ALS Basic Level Curriculum?


             4.  When is the best time to customize Basic Level Curriculum


             5.  Where is the best venue to customize the ALS – BL Curriculum       


             6.  Who should be involved in the process of customizing the ALS- BL                               




             7.  How is the ALS- BL Curriculum customized?


    After knowing the learners with their needs, along with the availability of resources and customizing the BL Curriculum will help the Facilitator of this program to succeed.



By: Edgardo E. Ordiales, Orion National High School

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