Like an engineer or an architect, he prepares a blueprint or a plan for constructing houses, buildings or bridges. To make the construction durable, easy and systematic to construct, a list of building materials, its forms and kinds, the quality and quantity are found in the blue prints.

Teachers have the blueprints too…………. And these are the lesson plans. Lesson Plan is a plan in building person a teacher wants to form. Starting from the needs of her pupils, she plans carefully on how to meet these needs. She utilizes the available resources and employs different strategies in order to execute the plan.

Lesson Plan serves as the bible of the teachers. It is their guide in teaching. Every teacher needs to write their lesson plans, without it it means they are not ready to teach. A teacher cannot be effective   and lacks self- confidence when she faces her class without a lesson plan. She does not know where to start the lesson and how to start it. Time and effort are wasted if lessons are not prepared ahead.

An effective teacher plans her lessons well. She makes lesson plans carefully, starting from analyzing the objective. From objective, which is considered as the heart of the lesson plan, materials, references, selection of subject matter, experiences and strategies adapted to the pupils’ needs, interests and level of activity are also considered.

So……….. to become an effective teacher I believe that lesson planning is really the key to a successful teaching- learning process. It is not true that lesson plans are useless and wasting of time. Good teacher teaches lessons very well with quality and to achieve that goal always have your lesson plans.

By: MARY GRACE B. NOTO | Carbon Elementary School

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