“Oh! It’s almost an hour of waiting for the jeepney to ride on, but all just passed by fully loaded!”
This is one of the reactions I had always heard from passengers, and I also says that whenever I’m in this situation. A student, an employee, a housewife and even ordinary persons may not be able to reach their destinations when these vehicles had vanished in our daily lives.

Jeepney’s or as we all know “jeep” become part of living of a typical Filipino, like me as a student. I had lots of experience riding this vehicle. But, do you know that jeepneys are not really of Filipino’s touch of hand? Because, the first jeepneys landed in our country were brought by American. I t had been used by soldiers during World War II. It could carry five to six passengers. Ten persons for each side and two in front beside the driver’s seat.

It innovates as years pass by. Its features become more artistic and more pleasant in our sight. It has bright colors painted on its side by side. I had seen some jeepneys that have metal sculptures like horses, eagles and airplanes mounted on its hood. I had ride a jeepney which has a mirror designed on its ceiling and paintings of scenic view on its side. Making jeepneys and beautifying it is honestly an art. Jeepney-makers do it with love-labor of love as they said. They would put their ideas to make it beautiful. It is an honor to meet some makers of it; I would take my hat off to them. For sure you can’t appreciate its beauty if you haven’t got to experience to ride in a jeepney especially at night. I appreciate its beauty more at night because of its glimmering lights in its every side. It is like those stars in heaven!

Having a ride in a jeepney is sort of having fun. Aside of interacting with different kind of people, you’re also being part of this art on the street. Imagine yourself riding on the jeepney at night, with its lights glowing at all sides…A scenic view, isn’t it?  And you could feel you’re a celebrity and there are flashes of cameras following you. Not only that because we Filipinos are truly inventive I’ve discovered this latest way of making the jeepney to stop, It is not the usual “para  po” but the new “hatak mo,hinto ko” as it written in a while cardboard hanging in a string. The first time I ride this jeepney that uses this method, I feel it is exciting to follow the written instruction. By simply pulling the string, the jeepney will stop. And what would complete a  fun  ride without an artistic drives who is friendly, one who tells jokes, trivias and streets that makes the ride worthwhile.

Next time you will ride a jeepney make sure you will appreciate its beauty because it is really an art that features us Filipinos…

By: Mrs. Zulita I. Villones

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