School begins again. It is the time for adjustment. Teachers are ready to face different personalities of different individualities which should be treated differently, because we know that every person is unique.

Treatment will take weeks or even a month- before teacher can hold class smoothly and cooperatively. Having different personalities in a class coming from different families of different abilities, background, temperaments, cultures and developments, it is very hard for the teacher to face all of these. The situation will challenge him to apply all psychological techniques and approaches he learned and discover some other techniques to help him solve it. Patience and perseverance will be needed characteristics to overcome this situation, especially with the kind of behavior our students have nowadays.

These are the different kind of personalities that will be present in class.

  1. Students who talk and turn around even while the teacher is teaching and explaining.
  2. Students who always argue, give comments even when not called.
  3. Students who transfer from one seat to another.
  4. Students who always call the attention of the teacher.
  5. Students who do not want to work even when they are given a task or assignment.
  6. Students who always go to the CR doing nothing but just escaping.

All these are only some of the many kinds of personalities we encounter every June- adjustment month for me.

By: MR. RODEL C. DUMALAG | Teacher I | Bataan National High School, Balanga City, Bataan

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