Our present educational system experiencing various problems. Some of the alarming problem are the insufficiency of government investment to education and the quality of Philippine Education. Another one is high opportunity cost of tertiary education. It is because of these serious problems and issues that the present administration has come up with a program to add two years to our basic education which is also known at the K+12 Basic Education Program. “How can it be beneficial to the public?”

The expected outcomes of this curriculum innovation are the following a) Graduates will be more prepared to enter the tertiary education because this program will ensure the students’ mastery of core subjects; b) Graduates will be recognized abroad and can get even with the international educational standards because of the 12-year basic education cycle, and c) Upon graduation at the legal employable age of 18, they will have the opportunity to join the labor force.

No matter how many more years are to be added to basic education, if we do not have the genuine concern for change and improvement, programs such as K + 12 will just be nothing. What matters most are the discipline, self-reliance and sense of responsibility of the concerned individuals. The K +12 is an instrument to accelerate the quality of our educational system that can only be done through collaborative partnership and shared responsibility of DepEd, school administrators, teachers, students, parents and community leaders.

By: Ms. Julita S. Velasco |

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