K-12 is the DepEd’s flagship program under the Aquino administration.As stated in President Noynoy Aquino’s 10-point agenda for basic education, on top of it is the expansion of basic education here in the Philippines from the current10 year cycle to a 12 year global standardso we can be on par with the rest of the world.That is, a universal kindergarten, Grades1-6 (Elementary), Grades 7-10 (Junior High School) plus Grades 11-12 (Senior High School). Accordingly, Dr. Yolanda Quijano,undersecretary for programs and projects of DepEd, stated its fotrthought“ Vision of k-12 is that graduates of k-12 will be holistically developed Filipinos with 21st century skills”. These are learning and innovation skills; information, media and technology skills; effective communication skills and life and career skills to set up them to a higher education, middle level skills development, entrepreneurship and employment.

 Objectively, the program is good. But the important thing is what does the public say.Hindrances and opposing minds are there. additional years means additional expenses Thus, an extra effort of explaining is needed as our deped secretary brother luistroarmin explained, let us not look at it as expenses but rather more of an investment. traditionally poor families have their children worked right after high school.On the brighter side, k-12 envisions that graduates of senior high school are equipped with skills to get better job opportunities even if they would not pursue college which means a better income for the family.K-12 is not a perfect program though through years of implementation deped were open for criticisms and suggestions. Since, one of its biggest problem is the resources. Lack of classrooms, teachers , textbooks and other materials yet budget in education increases still it is not enough.But arising the spirit of unity.This is not just Deped program or brother luistro’s but instead it is a Filipino program for the Filipinos. Positively, if the people see that it is viable, help from LGUs and private sectors will pour in.

History speaks itself that we had gone through BRIDGE, BEC, SEC and many changes in our curriculum. Hope this would be the last,we are unique and adaptable to any kind environment. . We Filipinos are survivors. As they say, bahalana…lets just cross the bridge when we get there.

By: Ms. Evelyn C. Quicho | Teacher I | Orion National High School

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