The only constant thing in this world is…..CHANGE….. Although such saying is commonly or frequently used, still it has always been applicable at all times. Recent years, we EDUCATORS are indeed facing a lot of changes in education. First was the Implementation of Universal Kindergarten program which was implemented last year with a New Integrated Curriculum and still on the process of having ongoing trainings and seminars. Then came this 12 year program in Basic Education to be implemented this school year. At first, we resist these changes primarily because at that time we were not yet equip with certain knowledge on the WHY,WHAT, and HOW of K to 12 Program. We are really puzzled on how this program be implemented. There are a lot of questions in our mind e.g. 1} will there be sufficient funds 2} will there be enough teachers 3} are the classrooms enough 4} who will be affected 5} how effective will it be….   Others perhaps predicted that it will not be pushed through knowing the recent situations of our educational system. Yet educators are really great soldiers that we accept all such challenges with open arms just like how we dealt with the changes brought by RBEC or BEC Programs years ago. As Teachers went through certain seminars and trainings, they Resist NO MORE… and Puzzled NO MORE….. At present certain efforts have been made in order to complete the needed materials for the full implementation of the K to 12 program. Follow up seminars have been organized and conducted. Monitoring and evaluation were administered and still ongoing in order to assess whether the program is fully implemented and well understood. Although there are a lot of negative feedbacks about the K to 12 program, with the continues effort and support from the educators’ group such program will fully be implemented and realized.

By: Ms. Cristina Reyes | Teacher III | Puting Buhangin Elementary School, Orion, Bataan

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