Aquino administration initiated the new system of education. This program requires all incomingstudents to enroll into two more years of basic


K+12 system basically include the universal kindergarten 6 years of elementary, 4 years of junior high school with an additional 2 years for senior high School, the program also aims to uplift the quality of education in the Philippines in order for graduates to be easily employed. The proposal aims to produce  employable 18 years old high school graduates by giving them a longer time to study and master employable skills.

The system aims to fully enhance and develop the students in order to be well prepared especially in emotional and cognitive aspects.The curriculum will allocate specialization in Science and Technology,Music and Arts, Agriculture and Fisheries, Sports, Business and Enterpreneurships.

Despite of complaining of additional years in education system,it will require

more budgets for parents and governments as well.

Aside from this additional classrooms, school supplies,facilities and more qualified teachers since, the program has already implemented the more important is for students do their best and study despite of poor facilities.

As for teachers, continue to teach with love and love what you teach despite

of personal triumphs and economic crisis, and always remember that the future of the students depend on us.

As for parents doing their best in pursuing their child’s education,the aims of this program is best for their children, it will help for their children to become globally competitive fot their success.

There are some factor’s to be considered but as long as we open our minds to

change we will be on a positive way, we will definitely attain our most desired and

aspired, it,s a great role in our country’s development and uplift us from poverty.

By: MRS. ESTRELITA P. DOMINGUEZ | T-III ( Social Science )

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