As they say , Kindergarten and 12 years of quality basic education is a right of every Filipino, therefore they must be and will be provided by government and will be free. The enhanced 12-year curriculum will be implemented starting with incoming Grade 1 students of SY 2012-2013. But , many people from every corner of the field  kept on asking … Are we ready for it ? Is it really the solution to the dying system ? Will it be beneficial for everyone? Can parents still provide for that span of time ? What can these added years do for a better living ? Is K+12 clear to everyone ? 

I’ve had a chance to spend time for a casual talk with  some individuals so I tried to ask them about their opinion since DepEd will begin unclogging the basic education curriculum in SY 2012-2013. And surprisingly here’s what they have in mind …

Beng  (canteen manager)  : Ayoko nun ! Dagdag gastos masyado un . Sa apat na taon nga hirap na maidaos e , magdadagdag pa?

Mrs . Lonzon  ( Teacher) : It’s not an assurance for work , so I don’t think it’s the solution to                                  the problem.

Mrs. Enriquez ( Teacher) : Instead of adding 2 more years  just encourage the parents to help also in their kids in developing good study habits . DepEd can also provide more trainings for teachers so they can be more effective in their respective field of expertise.

Connie ( helper) : Parusa po yata sa magulang yan e . Pano po yung mararaming anak ? Baka po lalong mabarkada ang anak ko kung sa halip na 4 na taon sa high School e magdadagdag pa!  Parang iniiba lang tawag pero wala naman garantiya na mas gagaling sila.Mrs. Villegas ( Teacher) : It’s ok with me . The plan is not “Plus 2 years before graduation” but “Minus 2 years before work.  What made it negative is the fact that it was not explained clearly .

All of these are mere opinions only . But what surprised me was 6 out of 10 people have no clear understanding of what K +12 means . So , let’s just all hope for the best .

By: Mrs. Priscilla M. Flores | Teacher III | Tapulao Elementary School | Orani, Bataan

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