Do you know what is EQ? a lot has been said and written about EQ or what we called emotional intelligence. Some psychologist said that we not need to focus more on our pupil’s cognitive development while we neglect their emotional and psychological well-being.

Here are some key things to keep in our minds regarding EQ’S.

1. Give pupils opportunities to solve their problems or participate in family problem solving. Try not to step in too fast or too soon.

2.Spend regular time each day fully focused at play and conversation with your pupils to enhance their self-image and self confidence.

3. Encourage your pupils to nurture and sustain friendship, especially when they are 9 to 12 years old so that they can build intimate relationship as they grow.

4. Provide our pupils positive role models. Through our example as teachers we can show them what it means to be caring, compassionate and be able to express their feelings.

5. Try to see that the pupils time is well balanced between studies household responsibilities for learning about their own responsibility and discipline through household chores can broaden themselves to take a closer look of their own responsibility.

6. Make parenting and teaching styles different. Try to see the balance between being an authoritarian and being permissive worker. We are there as teachers to nurture and support them, yet remind them to set clear and firm limits from themselves.

By: Ms. Marivic M. Bagtas | Teacher III | Sto. Domingo Elementary School

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