Using laptops facilitates learning, impacts students’ life and work, as well as the school’s culture, the method and caliber of work completed by students, and the social relationships among them. These days, most people use laptops for schoolwork and are frequently involved in it. It is really helpful since it makes it simple for us to search the internet and find the information we need to complete tasks like reports, power point presentations, paperwork, etc. It is described as a technological instrument that functions as a type of computer and is suited for use as it is portable.

          Students benefit greatly from this type of computer in many ways, including typing on a laptop can cut down on writing time; digital notetaking is quicker and can organize information automatically; students can collaborate in groups anywhere; and students have access to resources like newspaper articles and video-making software. Indeed, laptops can make it much easier for pupils to complete their schoolwork.

          Students can readily collaborate in terms of social relationships by using laptops to convey their ideas so that everyone can see them, much like when a video presentation is delivered. One further benefit of having a laptop is that it can be connected to a projector to display content on a larger screen, as is well known.

          Not only can laptops benefit students, but they also benefit the facilitators. When it is used, teachers’ teaching methods will become simpler because they only need to provide the material and the topic. While the pupils are absorbing the information on the presentation, it can also buy them some extra time to prepare their next lesson. That is, everyone can benefit from computers.

Furthermore, since laptops are portable and can be transported anywhere at any time, both students and teachers can work effortlessly on their assigned tasks when they have access to them. If the accommodations they are living in become too noisy for them to work in, they can relocate to a quieter location. In fact, our laptops are becoming more than just tools; they are an integral part of our everyday existence.

Marife B. Dinglasan|Teacher III|Balanga Elementary School|Balanga City, Bataan
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