Many leaders commit the error of separating leadership from relationships. This happens when people step into leadership positions and assume that everyone will follow them because of their position. Some leaders wrongly believe that their knowledge alone qualifies them to lead others.  What they do not know is that their subordinates will follow them if they relate with them and treat them as individuals, not machines.

Actually, people don’t care how much you know. They are more eager to know how much you care. It is a proof that we cannot separate leadership from relationships. Leaders help themselves by developing good relational skills.

Leaders influence their subordinates in their own ways.  Some do this by nurturing and caring for their employees, others through dictatorship means.  Either way has an impact on the response and reaction given b the employees to their leader.  Just like the theory of X and Y of Mc Gregor where in the subordinates attitude towards work is greatly affected by the kind of leader they are facing with.  They are affected by love, respect and nurture provided by leaders.

At the heart of the nurturing process is a genuine concern for others. And as we try to help and influence the people around us, we must have positive feelings and concern for them. If you want to help people and make a positive impact on them, you cannot dislike or discourage them. You must give love to them and give them respect.

You may be wondering why you should take on a nurturing role with the people you want to influence, especially if they are employees, colleagues, or friends. You may be saying to yourself; “Isn’t that something they can get somewhere else, like a home?” The unfortunate truth is that most people are desperate for encouragement. If you become a major nurturer in the life of another person, then, you have an opportunity to make a major impact on them.


Here are some ways to lead through relationships:

-Avoid hypocrisy.

-Be loyal to colleagues.

-Give preference to others.

-Be hospitable.

-Return good for evil.

-Be open-minded toward others.

-Treat everyone with respect.

-Do everything possible to keep peace.

-Remove revenge from your life.


By: Jannette C. Angeles, Teacher III Orion Elementary School

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