“ Everything rises and falls on Leadership.” This is a principle that all schoolheads must understand.  If  the schoolhead is good, the school and its staff will perform well , quality education will be attained, pupils will learn at high level and school condition will foster improvement. An atmosphere of  trust,cooperation and deep commitment among the people in the workplace will be felt.

If the schoolhead is effective and efficient, he would be able to encourage the teachers to focus on instructions and he will make them understand the importance of improving the teaching-learning condition in school. He will also make them realize the value of team work and working together for the betterment of the delivery of instructions. Training and improving the capacity of teachers towards his chosen field is of prime importance to him.

Our society today calls for school leaders who strive to attain the ideals of our country. School leaders who put their heart in every endeavor that they do…school leaders with passion in realizing the commitment of the Department of Education , that is, to set high standards of learning to every Filipino learner.

By: Mrs. Leonila Alcid- Principal I | BEPS Elementary School- Mariveles District

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