After spending decades in the  teaching profession and I must say I’ve had the chance to have hands – on experience with the best and the worst kinds of learners. I’m quite sure of the level of dedication and commitment that I have for my profession but I’m bothered with the gradual turn of events as far as the learners  are concerned. Then I began to ask myself , who will be blamed for all these changes? Teachers , I hope not . Parents ? …Maybe … Technology , I guess so… . Media ?…., I totally agree.

I have read an article stating the negative contributions of technology to kids . Waste of time , source of violence , etc. They are investing so much time in front of their TV sets & computers , not to research on educational topics  but to explore the world of  violence, sex scandals , games …games …. and more games. 

During my first few years in the field of education , I’ve met learners who value education and discipline. They were so eager to get good grades .They prepared so hard for quizzes and recitations . And most importantly , discipline was very  evident . Those were the times when  learners would gladly bow down their heads just to greet their teachers . But now , with all these gadgets around , they do not have enough time to develop good study habits . Once , their teachers noticed these kids’ misbehavior, parents would simply argue with the teachers  , and in the end teachers were the ones to be blamed again . Kids were so untouchables that educators could hardly develop routines to make the most of the time .  parents and kids were pampered so much by the media. If they think they won the race , well .. think again and find out for themselves , who is the loser in the end.

By: Mrs. Priscilla M. Flores | Teacher III | Tapulao Elementary School | Orani, Bataan

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