According to Mina D. Torres, “ Effective learning is the process that enables students to grasp the meaning of what is being taught to them and carry that out as products of ideas.

It is a must for teachers to make lesson plans to be an effective, efficient and objective manager of the class.

Learning styles is one of the most prevalent concerns of educators now a days. They had observed that students’ learning styles influence their ability to understand their lessons.

Students vary in the different learning strategies and styles they adopt. Educators designed classification of learners according to their preferred ways of understanding lessons. These classifications are:

1.  Visual/ Verbal Learners- are students who learn best through visual or written presentations. They understand the lesson easily when they are written in the blackboard or chart. They can remember information easily from notes and textbooks as they picture the information in their own minds. They prefer to put things into word, excel in memorizing names, dates, and trivia. “ Color coding” and “ mental pictures” are the suggested learning styles for these learners.

2.  Tactile and Kinesthetic Learners-  are active learners. They learn best when they are physically involve in “ hands on “ activities. They are learners who discover and learn things when they  are actively participate in the learning environment such as laboratory activities and field work.

3. Visual/ Non – Verbal Learners – are students with great imagination. They learn easily through visual aids, films, videos, maps, and charts. These students are  often with artistics designs. They like to visualize things through images, enjoys drawing, arts, and very well fascinated with inventions and machines.

4. Auditory/ Verbal Learners – are students who prefer to work in a group. They learn fast from the information presented auditory in oral language format. They listen well to their instructors during lecture hours and participate well in classroom or group discussions.

Giving importance to how  students learn is another way of helping them carry out their individuality. Through studies conducted regarding learning styles, educators will be able to point out the “ learning disabilities “ suffered by students and simultaneously, teachers will be able to design new teaching strategies for learners with diverse learning styles.

Source: Educator Magazine For Teachers
August, 2005 Edition

By: Edgardo E. Ordiales, Orion National High School

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