They say life is a journey of learning. From birth until old age, we are continually being given lessons that help us become better individuals. Even children are being taught life lessons on manners, simple courtesy, fine motor skills, and language. In fact, educational psychologists believe that cognitive development is at its peak during a child’s formative years. Learning starts early on.

But while learning is an essential part of life, it can get pretty tiring. It can even worse nightmare. Enter the temper tantrums, tug-of-wars, and hair raising episodes every morning. Little children raising hell before dinning that uniforms is not an unusual sight.

Learning, however, need not be boring. With the right atmosphere and curriculum, education can be fun. The key is to incorporate fun into the lessons or activities. Combine structured classroom teaching with the use of concrete materials. Information is believed to be retained more if abstract concepts are presented in concrete terms.
Teaching the children how to read or how to count is not enough. At the crucial stage of their development, both cognitively and emotionally, what is essential is to educate them in all aspects of life. Give them an equal and well-balanced curriculum that focuses not only on the academics but also on other fun-filled activities. Children, one should remember, are still children who also need enjoyable are activities and wholesome fun. Ultimately, children should be happy with what they are doing, whether playing a game or learning how to properly pronounce like the word “fun”. Fostering a love of learning is a thousand times better than teaching them all the facts in the world. As the saying goes “Everything we need tp learn we learned in kindergarten” – the Preschool.


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