What could be more important than the future of our world? As young people, we have the most at stake, so we should be  stepping up to our roles as the major stakeholders and stand up for the kind of future we want and be the prime movers to save our earth from the disaster brought by climate change.

It is  horrifying as what we experienced due to the climate change , many lives are being killed and  billions worth of properties lost just because of  different natural disasters. Global warming is a threat not only to people but to all living things because of the harmful effects created by this turmoil. Still we can make something to prevent further chaos to our lives and environment.

Though we are young we can help in our own little way to keep our environment clean and greener. Self discipline is the most effective way to avoid having dirty surroundings – merely maintain cleanliness in our school,   avoid using plastic bags in keeping our  things instead use recyclable  bags for carrying your things, make use of those materials that can recycle.

Engage into environmental campaigns  in our school like Clean and Green and Tree Planting are only few to mention. Saving electricity will be a great help too just turn off the electrical appliances if not in use. Just doing our own share will contribute to save our Mother Earth.

By: Mrs. Zenaida S. Dela Cruz | MT-I | Tomas PinPin Memorial Elem. School | Abucay Bataan

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