<img src=”images/stories/bagumbayan-health-center-bi.jpg” style=”float: right;” alt=”Image” title=”Image” height=”220″ hspace=”6″ width=”408″ border=”0″ /><br /><a href=”photogallery/thumbnails.php?album=374″ target=”ˍblank”>Photos available here</a><br /><br />The Local Government Unit of Orion marks another milestone in its long list of public service programs with the construction of Bagumbayan Health Center (BHC). The BHC was built through the initiatives of Congressman Albert Garcia, Governor Enrique Garcia and Mayor Antonio L. Raymundo, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Cosme Cabaltera, native of Orion and are presently based in Australia, were very gracious to offer the lot at a reasonable price where the health center was constructed.<br /><br />The LGU opened its first Birth Station named Orion Birthing Station in Brgy. Villa Angeles last Sept. 2006. The publics clamor for additional birth stations in Orion stemmed from the high cost of hospitalization for normal deliveries in private and government hospitals and in answer to the Department of Health’s (DOH) call to encourage facility based deliveries and abandon home deliveries. Hence, the BHC was conceived to heed the call of the public and that of the DOH.<br /><br />The BHC will operate as a birth station catering to 3 adjacent barangays namely, Bagumbayan, Balut and Arellano. The Orion Birthing Station will continue to serve majority of the pregnant populace. Both birth stations are expected to provide maternal health services comparable to any other facilities offering the same but with less expenditure incurred.<br /><br />The BHC was inaugurated on Aug. 8, 2008. Monsignor Vic Ocampo blessed the facility and those responsible for the project and its operation. Hon. Antonio L. Raymundo, Jr., Vice Mayor Virgilio Isidro, SB Committee Health Chair Luz Austria, Ms. Guila Garcia, representing Governor Enrique Garcia , Brgy. Captain Armando Nava and his brgy. Council, Dr. Corazon M. Cruz, Dr. Grace N. Abello, staff and volunteers of the Municipal Health Office and residents of Brgy. Bagumbayan were on hand for the inauguration.<br /><br />With project like this, the LGU proved the it will not cease to accommodate the needs of the public it promised to serve.

By: Dr. Corazon M. Cruz, Orion Municipal Health Officer

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