The teacher has all the moods of life. They are joyful, sorrowful and glorious mysteries as he enters the path of this hard noble’s profession. Before a teacher enters her classroom, he has given much attention on how to execute her lessons for the day. Materials whether visual or audio-visual aids were already set up to facilitate the day’s discussions. Almost always hours were spent to prepare including the board work and evaluation at the end of the lessons. This is daily routine of a teacher. And with every grading period comes the computation of the pupil’s achievement. A teacher’s daily routine may sound boring to some especially for those who do not love the teaching. Yet, if you love to learn and share what you have learned, it will be easier for you. In the beginning of the career you will find hesitations, anxieties and apprehensions. But just let it go and put your heart and mind that you have loved to teach and you like the professions. The one day in your golden years, you will not regret what you have done . You’re your former pupils will greet you and say hello. In addition, he will  continue  say. “I remember you  being a teacher in Grade 1. You taught me how to read and write. Now, I’m a successful doctor.” He will then invite you and say when you need help regarding your health my  clinic is open to welcome you, “or” Should  you have legal problems may see me in my law office.” This is the wonder of the teaching profession. As a teacher moves on, her experiences joy in the achievement of his pupils and sorrows anything not so good come along the way.

By: Claire B. Torres / Teacher II / Limay Schoo, Limay, Bataan

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