We do live now with what we call- Computer World. With such newest technology and advancements everywhere, acquiring information is just one click away. Communication is done in an instant that we hardly notice that we are talking to someone who are thousands miles away. Even a certain work done manually is now easier done by a machine. Sending money through texting; sending letters through email, banking transactions through ATM; detecting diseases through laser machines. These are just some situations that prove how newest technologies affect people’s lives and manner of living. Technology indeed brings so many comforts. It has penetrated almost every aspect of our daily lives whether business, leisure, education, medicine, space exploration, culture, politics, communications and even law enforcement. Some things are made possible through such newest technology. However though,… does it really offer comforts? Does it really make us happier? Much more than what we gain—who and which aspects suffer the pain?

    Life at present is really much easier with machines, computers, and robots taking over our daily life chores. With robots and machines doing one’s chores one has time to relax. And with these, mistakes become less since computers are programmed correctly. But are we really relax? Or those stuffs just made us lazy and dependent? Medical science at present is run out by technologies- but it is at this age when people suffer with such diseases that have not been observed or seen in the previous years. Access to information is so easy and organized- However, it makes individual not able to think and enhance his own skill, simply depend his work on computers. Communication is just a click away with cell phones, email and MSN- but much the same- these are also being used to demoralized other people with edited video scandals, blogs being sent through internet and bluetooth. Downloading of songs or music video is now almost free instead of buying it – what have it caused to certain business- to economy? Law enforcer employs the use of video surveillance- and same tactics are being used by the criminals in certain illegal acts. Employment according to the survey increases with new jobs are being offered by this technology- much the same jobs or works done by hand will all be gone – as a results others too loose their jobs. With the newest technologies, are we really moving ahead? – Or Does technology lead us in a wrong way ?

By: SIMEONA B. SUAYAN, St. Francis II Elementary School

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