Financial problem is usually the worst problem an adult person has ever experienced, for how can he live in this high-tech world without money to buy his needs?

But teachers have a quick remedy for this problem, for immediate, they an to any of these lending institutions – Manila Teachers, GSIS, PAG IBIG etc. and apply for loans.

They never think of the large amount of interest that will be deducted from their salaries. What is important to them is the instant cash they will receive and the speedy solution to their problems.

If you ask them why they resort to loans, they will answer right away, “Well, this is better than borrowing money from other people, who aside from the big interest they charge,  they will spread gossip about you if you can’t pay them on time.

But because of successive loans, a teacher’s net pay is reduced to smaller amount. This result in surmounting problems of the teachers.  The more they borrow, the deeper they sink into a quicksand of financial predicament.

Applying for loans is like being addicted to opium. The victim is trapped and compelled to continue his vice, for without it, it seems he will not be able to survive.

A certain elderly teacher lamented,  “ If only I had known that my first loan would lead me to incurable habit of borrowing money, perhaps I would have never ventured in applying for a loan. Now, I can no longer recover my basic salary and the net pay can not suffice for the needs of my family so who could I turn to expect to run again to a loan shark?

Young teachers, take heed of this advice, never attempt to apply for any loan or you will also experience the ordeal of this elderly teacher.

For elderly teachers, it is for you to decide, to make a loan or not. But let me congratulate the teachers who can resist the temptation of the creditors.

By: Mrs. Antonia De Vega | Master Teacher I | Parang Elementary School Parang, Bagac, Bataan

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