“Expect for the worst, hope for the best”

A game is a challenge between you and yourself. In every game, we have to win two kinds of battles. First, is the game itself and the second is the game of life. We must always call to mind that the true victory is to accept a loss. For all those losers who managed to stand up, losing is only a challenge. Who knows that someday you will be called winners? To all those winners, we shouldn’t be too proud. Remember that you are not always on top.

In both losing and winning, we have to learn the lesson of the game. The next time one loses the game, whether fair or not, we must learn to accept and acknowledge the winners. And if ever we win, we must not be so much confident. Remember that if you win this time, you can’t always win on the next game. Instead, be a model to others so they can be like you and win as you have done. Love the game, love your opponents, and love all that the game teaches you.

By: Mrs. Lalaine P. Gatdula | MT 1- Pablo Roman National High School | Orion,Bataan

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