As an ordinary Teacher, Magna Carta for Public School Teacher amazed me so much because of the following declarations which I would like to share with those who are part of Teaching Profession. I opted to choose only those paragraphs of this Republic Act I find really amusing.
Sec. 1. Declaration of Policy. It is hereby declared to be the policy of this Act to promote and improve the social and economic status of public school teachers, their living and working conditions, their terms of employment and career prospects in order that they may compare favorably with existing opportunities in other walks of life, attract and retain in the teaching profession more people with the proper qualifications, it being recognized that advance in education depends on the qualifications and ability of the teaching staff and that education is an essential factor in the economic growth of the nation as a productive investment of vital importance.
Sec. 2. Title Definition. This Act shall be known as the “Magna Carta for Public School Teachers” and shall apply to all public school teachers except those in the professorial staff of state colleges and universities.

Sec. 13. Teaching Hours. Any teacher engaged in actual classroom instruction shall not be required to render more than six hours of actual classroom teaching a day, which shall be so scheduled as to give him time for the preparation and correction of exercises and other work incidental to his normal teaching duties: Provided, however, That where the exigencies of the service so require, any teacher may be required to render more than six hours but not exceeding eight hours of actual classroom teaching a day upon payment of additional compensation at the same rate as his regular remuneration plus at least twenty-five per cent of his basic pay.
Sec. 14. Additional Compensation. Notwithstanding any provision of existing law to the contrary, co-curricula and out of school activities and any other activities outside of what is defined as normal duties of any teacher shall be paid an additional compensation of at least twenty-five per cent of his regular remuneration after the teacher has completed at least six hours of actual classroom teaching a day.
Sec. 17. Equality in Salary Scales. The salary scales of teachers, whose salaries are appropriated by a city, municipal, municipal district, or provincial government, shall not be less than those provided for teachers of the
National Government.
Sec. 18. Cost of Living Allowance. Teacher’s salaries shall, at the very least, keep pace with the rise in the cost of living by the payment of a cost-of-living allowance which shall automatically follow changes in a cost-of-living index. The Secretary of Education shall, in consultation with the proper government entities, recommend to Congress, at least annually, the appropriation of the necessary funds for the cost-of-living allowances of teachers employed by the National Government. The determination of the cost-of-living allowances by the Secretary of Education shall, upon approval of the President of the Philippines, be binding on the city, municipal or provincial government, for the purposes of calculating the cost-of-living allowances of teachers under its employ.

Sec. 22. Medical Examination and Treatment. Compulsory medical examination shall be provided free of charge for all teachers before they take up teaching, and shall be repeated not less than once a year during the teacher’s professional life. Where medical examination show that medical treatment and/or hospitalization is necessary, same shall be provided free by the government entity paying the salary of the teachers.
In regions where there is scarcity of medical facilities, teachers may obtain elsewhere the necessary medical care with the right to be reimbursed for their traveling expenses by the government entity concerned in the first
paragraph of this Section.
Sec. 23. Compensation For Injuries. Teachers shall be protected against the consequences of employment injuries in accordance with existing laws. The effects of the physical and nervous strain on the teacher’s health shall be recognized as a compensable occupational disease in accordance with existing laws.

Teachers are always blamed by the poor performance of the students; which in my perception, Teachers is just one percent of the many factors which contribute to this effect such as poverty, unemployment, separated parents, undernourishment and the like, however Teachers are the ones most blamed of. But what about their welfare, are they equally remunerated by the entire fault charged to them? If you will analyze the paragraphs written in RA 4670, perhaps you will agree with me that what is printed on paper is quite amusing, because it seems you are dreaming for what is supposedly due to them. Teachers are not Saints, most often committed mistakes but they are humans, who have their moral, social and financial needs. Do not just simply put your fingers against them, but rather GIVE FIRST WHAT IS DUE TO THEM because that is the true spirit of RA 4670.

By: JOSEPHINE G. NACAR | MASTER TEACHER II | Mariveles National High School | Mariveles, Bataan

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