Perfection seems to be something that is far within our reach . But as they say , practice makes perfect . I beg to disagree. Before we consider ourselves perfect in a certain aspect, it has to be flawless. But who will be the best person to finally say that it is perfect? What are his criteria? Who made all those criteria? Being perfect in something that we do is something that is very hard to achieve. We can be perfect in ones’ eyes but a failure on the other people’s standard. It seems that we are  surrounded with faultfinders and it is so impossible to be considered perfect.

In education , from the smallest unit to the highest authority, we only aim for one thing , that is quality education. Teachers tirelessly think of ways to make his learners reach their maximum potential. Principals take time out of their busy schedules to further enrich themselves  to have something to share with their subordinates. Supervisors even go out of their air conditioned offices to experiment on ways to give what is expected from them as superiors. Even experts keep on conducting researches or studies to come up with the best curriculum. But after a year of  its implementation, we will see ourselves again looking for something new , reinventing  something from the past , thinking of something better.

Quality education is something really good to have but how? Was it our fault? Teacher – related factors again ? Influence of media ? Technology? We are already here in this stage of life and we can only plan for what is ahead of us will all these hindrances. So , I guess it’s time to  motivate ourselves to contribute to the success of the education system . Share our expertise , it may not change the system but for sure it will trigger a difference.  Just like what I’ve heard in a TV commercial , “ GREAT THINGST FROM SMALL BEGINNINGS” .

By: Mrs. Nelda A. Peralta | Master Teacher-I

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