While reading is something that our children should engage in, it must be a forced exercise. It must be a fun activity, something that enjoys doing.

Indeed, inside the classroom, teaching children how to read is taxing. For this, instructions techniques have been developed to aid in this task. Among these methods, we have balanced literacy which was proven to be effective which was proven to be effective. Under this balanced reading, the class is broken into three segments: guided reading, shared reading and independent reading. This helps the children discover a way to enjoy reading.

At home, it is important that children see their parents reading. This helps reinforce in them an interest in the activity. Especially for younger children, reading doesn’t have to be fused to books. Parents can have them read from milk cartons, labels and the like. Reading with fifteen minutes before bedtime is also good exercise that can help them pique their interest.

Remember in today’s world, we are faced with so many things that are competing our children’s attention in reading. Television, computers, malls are but a few of the modern day marvels that keep our children away from reading books.

It is time, therefore, for teachers to enhance their teaching method to arouse their pupil’s interest in reading.

Make the pupils realize that the written word is fascinating. It informs, it educates and it entertains.

By: Mrs. Marites M. Cabarles | TII-Pablo Roman National High School | Orion, Bataan

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