The Department of Education is all set to introduce the media literacy education curriculum, which will be developed by the Media Literacy Task Force ( MLTF) for media will be effective on upgrading the curriculum, giving  more knowledge for our students and also a new form  of information –  producing subject.

With the various studies conducted by specialists, thus showed most of the information recognized by children come  from media. Making every child aware of his environment through daily news flash from televisions, radio and newspaper. Involving them into “media savvy” would do much in improving the quality of education and  would make  it even easier   for the children to learn.

The National Media Literacy Education (NMLE) is set to be integrated in the Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) under social studies in the elementary and English in the high  school level. The integration of the NMLE would be effective in introducing the curriculum to the pupils and would make a flawless adjustment once the NMLE will be a separate subject of  BEC .

This new venture of DepEd will also  contribute  in helping the non readers to start reading a multi purpose curriculum would be useful in giving relief to the teachers in providing  information to their pupils. The government hopefully would continue to implement curriculum that would minimize work and    lacking   of knowledge.

With the age of flooding information  it is important for the parents and teachers to guide youth in sifting  through the mass of information that will attribute    to their growth and learning  to adapt with the fast changing world without compromising the values instill among our Filipino children.

By: Ms. Liezl S. Oliveria

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