Malnutrition is lack of nutrients needed for proper health and development. Someone
can be malnourished for a long or short period of time and the condition may be mild or
severe. It is not enough to satisfy our body needs when our stomach is empty but to know the
nutrients we need.

Poverty is one of the causes of malnutrition. Poor people don’t get enough food and
they often experience hunger that leads to malnutrition. Even people who have plenty to eat
maybe malnourished if they don’t eat food that provides good nutrients, mineral and vitamins.

In the Philippines, millions of people are poor and have malnourished children. Public
school children who are indigent and malnourished are given supplementary feeding to help
minimize malnutrition. Non-government organizations rendered support by giving food
assistance for the school feeding program. Doctors and nurses in the local government provide
health and sanitary information to children. Nutrition program enhances pupils knowledge in
eating the right kind of food to make them grow healthy and strong.

According to World Health Organization billion of people world wild have iron deficiency
which is found in egg yolks, bread and cereals in their diets. In other countries like US and
Canada many children died from malnutrition and related causes.

Treatment of malnutrition depends on its cause. Doctors and dieticians can recommend
the right food to eat and prescribe dietary supplements to ensure your child gets the necessary

Parents must be aware of their kids nutrition. They must serve variety of healthy foods
and limit unhealthy snacks. Be concerned for your child’s energy level as other kids have.

By: Alicia B. Reyes (Limay Elem. School)

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