Mathematics as everyone knows is one of the considered tough subject.  And mostly students suffer from mathematical anxiety in dealing with the subject.  Math anxiety as defineby Tobias in 1993 is the  feelings of tension and anxiety that interfere with the manipulation of numbers and the solving of mathematical problems in a wide variety of ordinary life and academic situations Math anxiety can cause one to forget and lose one’s self-confidence.

It is confirmed based from researches that pressure of timed tests and risk of public embarrassment have long been recognized as sources of unproductive tension among many students. According to Curtain-Phillips, there are three practices that are a regular part of the traditional mathematics classroom and cause great anxiety in many students are imposed authority, public exposure and time deadlines. Although these are a regular part of the traditional mathematics classroom cause great deal of anxiety. Therefore, teaching methods must be re-examined. Consequently, there should be more emphasis on teaching methods which include less lecture, more student directed classes and more discussion.

Math must be taken positively and in a lighter manner to reduce anxiety. A person’s state of mind has a great influence on his/her success. Many games are based on math concepts. Some games that are beneficial to learners and are enjoyed are cards playing, Life, Yahtzee, Battleship and Tangrams. Math humors is indeed greatly important to make classroom setting fun and enjoyable to every students thus lessens Math anxiety.

By: Ms. Lizel D. Mañalac | Teacher I | Magsaysay National High School

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