Modern technology has always been considered as a gauge for an awareness of how developed a society is. With the influx of technological gadgets, modern technology is definitelybeneficial to mankind. But, as with other scientific and technological discoveries, these gadgets have also taken its toll on those who are the main users of thee discoveries – the students.

Twenty or so years ago, students would have to spend hours, and even days in the library, if they are to complete a research work. Answering assignments means that one will have to read chapter after chapter in their textbooks. Nowadays, vital information may be obtained by merely a click of the mouse. Everything is readily available at their fingertips, so to speak. Oftentimes, students say, “Thank God for the internet”. While this may be true, there are also harmful effects on students which may fall under the physical, psychological, emotional, mental and social aspect.

Basically, students make use of the internet in answering assignments and doing research work. However, students would often be making use of social networking sites while simultaneously doing their assigned tasks. This means that the student is not a hundred percent focused on accomplishing what is required. It also takes them a longer time in completing the assigned task. As a result, the student therefore, is more physically exhausted, often spending the wee hours in the morning due to the fact that he or she is actually multi-tasking.

It has been observed that almost every week, more updated gadgets are being introduced in the market. For the adolescent, who is in the third plane of development, there is this need to belong to a certain group. More often than not, social cliques mean dressing alike, thinking alike, and even having similar gadgets are some of the basis in order to be part of a specific group. Hence, the adolescent is psychologically, emotionally and even mentally affected if and when an updated version of these gadgets is out in the market. There is this need to have these gadgets in the hope of being “in” with the group. It is one way of satisfying the need to belong to a social group which means that it also affects the social aspect of the student.

Having seen both sides of the coin, are modern gadgets beneficial or harmful to students? I would say both – there are beneficial and harmful effects not only to students but to anyone for that matter. The key is still in our hands. Remember that anything in excess could have negative results. Modern technology – including modern gadgets – has been invented for mankind’s convenience. Let us show gratitude to the men of the past who have painstakingly invented and devised ways to make life easier. Let us make use of modern technology effectively, wisely and responsibly.

By: Mrs. Julie E. Esteban-Dangan | Maria Montessori School

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