Recent technology is the improved result of the application of science. It may be the same with the technologies before but it was design to make works easier.
In this period of digital machinery, calculators, computers have become important elements in the learning and teaching of mathematics. Also, technology makes it easier to situate and way in information related to technology uses in mathematics education through the internet.
The conversant use of technology can engage students in new direction. From my experience, combining innovative methods and technology contributes to student learning.
These technologies have helped me to actively reach out my students in algebra classes. Further, the students become more motivated to achieve their goals.
I want to be a teacher who has high expectations for student performance and knows how to assist them to perform their best. I attempt to make students learn more than math.
I believe that using ground -breaking methods and technology has helped me achieve these goals. In brief, even intricate mathematics classes can be fun and inspirational. It is in the teacher’s power to skillfully use technology to inspire student curiosity about mathematics and maximize their performance.

By: Hanny B. Castro | Teacher III | BONIFACIO CAMACHO NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL | Abucay, Bataan

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