The best thing a teacher can do to a child is to develop a good habit in reading and to monitor how they read entrails a lot of time and sacrifices most of all is to spend quality time with them when they read.

Parents should also take part in assessing their children to read. This will establish bonding and good relationship by spending at least thirty minutes to one hour each day reading with them. This will get along way in keeping them to read books and periodicals as they grow. When you read to them you might think that they do not pay attention. But all we know they are listening and that is how they learn.

They are light spokes information, they learn a little bit each day and after a while before we know they are reading on their own.

In today’s world children are becoming hooked to television, video games and Internet, it is very easy for our children to term any from books which require more effort to enjoy. It is also important that we must exert effort to feed their minds and help them enhance their abilities.

We must make excitement today, by continuing our time and energy, the earlier we train our children in reading the more interest we develop in turn and motivating is the only way we could produce good readers.

By: Ms. Nina S. Manuel | Teacher II | Pagalanggang National High School, Dinalupihan, Bataan

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