In teaching, motivation means providing with motive, that is stimulating the “will to learn”. It is the purposeful presentation to the pupil of adequate motives together with the necessary guidance and direction in order that the child may evaluate and appreciate worthwhile activities. It is the process that will energize learning and behavior.

The teacher is the most important person in the teaching-learning process while motivation is the most important means towards student growth and achievement of goals. Properly motivated children enjoy growing and moving forward, gaining new skills, abilities power and knowledge.

The student should be encouraged to the autonomous and to perform activity for its sake and his own personal growth and satisfaction. Self directed behavior of the pupils should be ultimate goal of motivation the teacher as well should do everything within the power to satisfy the lower level needs of pupils so that they will function more at the higher levels. They will learn better they are comfortable, satisfaction and relaxed, have a sense of belonging and experience and self-esteem.

The teacher should be an expert in giving freedom to the pupils to choose the activity they want but still controlling the situation so that pupil can get the amount learning experiences they have chosen.

By: Ms. Angelita D.Alarcon | Teacher I | Capunitan Elementary School, Orion, Bataan

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