Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator

-Formulated integrated economic, social, physical and other dev’t plans and policies for consideration of the legal gov’t dev’t council.

-Conduct continuing studies, research and training programs necessary to evolve plans and programs for implementation.

-Integrate and coordinate all pectoral plans and studies undertaken by the different functions, groups or agencies.

-Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the different dev’t programs, projects and activities in the local gov’t unit concerned in accordance with the proposed dev’t plans.

-Prepare comprehensive plans and other dev’t planning documents for the consideration of the local dev’t council.

Project Development Assistant

-Assists in the gathering of data, processing of information and other research work related activities

-Conduct SWOT Analysis & other Planning Tool & Technique in the processing of information gathered.

-Consolidates & files various municipal/barangay data for the MPDC Data Bank

-Assists in the identification of various (data) area of development

-Assists in the designing project proposals

-Assists in the conceptualization of feasibility studies

-Encodes/Types of paperwork’s related to the formulation of Development Plan Mun. Development Council, Local Finance Council et. Every time a meeting is constituted.

-Gets the minutes of the meeting of various development council

-Prepares and encodes Annual Investment Plan

-Other task that may be delegated by the immediate supervisor from time to time

Administrative Aide VI (Data Controller I)

-Assists in the separation of data into various categories;

-Assist in the performance of mathematical operations of data;

-Assists in summarizing reports and processing of format readily understandable;

-Performs other duties, functions and responsibilities as may be directed by the supervisors from time to time.


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